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3 Pack MTF System - Estro Boost, Testo Blocker & Dangerous Curves


3 Pack MTF System - Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker & Dangerous Curves


The cutting edge, revolutionary transitioning kit that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!!! The best & most effective 3 part all-natural, organic MTF (Male to Female) transitioning system on the market!!!

Our '3 Pack MTF Transitioning system' contains 1 bottle of each - Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker & Dangerous curves.


Transformations Labs - here to help you find your way!

3 pack MTF review
Posted Feb 18th 2020 by sid

Very easy on the body. Very nice changes.

3 pack system
Posted Feb 16th 2020 by Erryn

Wanted to review your 3-pack system and let others know what I have experienced so far. I tried another company and wasn't overly impressed, but not disappointed either. Wanted to give the 3-pack system a try as it included the all important testosterone blocker the other company didn't offer. Anyway, while I know that it takes some time, I have noticed a seemingly small redistribution of body fat. More hips and some curvature seems to be forming in my midsection. Nothing too noticeable, but the measurements I have been taking seem to prove it. My butt seems to be rounding out as well and would love to include a picture of it to prove it, but don't think they would allow it. :) While there may be a bit of rounding in the lower breast area, I have not noticed or measured any growth there...so bummer. The other thing I have noticed is a definite loss of muscle in my arms to the point that I don't feel like I have to wear long sleeves all the time. I had bigger arms in the day, but have seen a marked decrease in mass in my upper arms. Going to give it another months worth and see what happens, but so far, not disappointed at all.

Posted Feb 3rd 2020 by Bottoman

I have tried them all and this is the ONLY legitimate transitioning capsule. IT REALLY WORKS! If it's time to finally take control of your life, look no further! These folks are the real thing! Courteous, kind, fast, EFFECTIVE & descreet. I love this company and all their products! And a special shout out to Chrissy who always finds the time to respond and assist me whenever I have reached out. Life long customer! Thank you, Trans-Labs!

Blood tests show this stuff works!
Posted Jan 19th 2020 by Bimmy

My blood tests just came in and my doc reviewed them with me today. My estrogen is up and climbing and my test has dropped by significantly after less than 3 months. THANK YOU, TRANSFORMATIONS LABS! My doctor is very pleased with my progress and will be contacting you for samples.

3 bottle system
Posted Jan 4th 2020 by Jessica

Works great just started a week ago and noticed my nipples getting hard all the time. Not sure if this is a sigh its working but they had never gotten hard easily before

It works
Posted Sep 29th 2019 by Jeff Taylor

Im 52 so i know its going to take time..ive only been taking the three pack for almost a month.i do see alittle change so far.so im going to keep taking them for awhile to see if it gets me where i want to be..thank you transformation lab for the fast shipping.and helping me get to where i want to be ..i have a long way to go but with your help ill get there.

The best purchase
Posted Jun 17th 2019 by Sem Veles

I did not expect to get such results! Previously I used L.D.B. with Lamooni for entire month. It gave results, of course, much better then ordinary Diane-35, that was used for 6 months. But it was nothing in comparison with this product! This one did the same in a week, that L.D.B took a month. I can only imagine what's gonna happen after 6 month of use... Moreover, this product doesn't have any taste. Especially, the awful one like Fenugreek pills. Anyway, I love this product.

It work slow
Posted Jun 17th 2019 by Amy Light

I take the 3pack 3times a day and it working slow but I see changes and I been on them for 2months now

These 3 packs are truly Amazing
Posted Jun 7th 2019 by Stephanie

I been taking the Estrogen Booster and Testosterone Blocker 4 Times a day and Dangerous Curves 3 Times a Day since June 4, so I'm on my fourth Day and the Results are Amazing, My Breast and Butt are bigger and Rounder, Hips are looking Feminine, skin is softer, lost some Body Hair, my Face is also starting to look feminine, I'm also been listening to subliminals for the past 6 Months

Good so far
Posted Apr 21st 2019 by Jami

I’m very happy with this from soft skin to weight change (thinner) and I feel better in my skin. My family is seeing change

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