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3 Pack MTF System - Estro Boost, Testo Blocker & Dangerous Curves


3 Pack MTF System - Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker & Dangerous Curves


The cutting edge, revolutionary transitioning kit that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!!! The best & most effective 3 part all-natural, organic MTF (Male to Female) transitioning system on the market!!!

Our '3 Pack MTF Transitioning system' contains 1 bottle of each - Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker & Dangerous curves.


Transformations Labs - here to help you find your way!




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3 Pack MTF-Awesome!
Posted Aug 5th 2022 by Cheyenne

I love the 3 Pack MTF kit, estrogen booster, testosterone blocker and dangerous curves synergist. The changes are noticeable. My body is definitely becoming more feminine after a month of taking 3-4 pills a day-my voice has become a tenor voice, my hips are widening, my waist and shoulders have gone down two sizes, and I'm seeing my butt growing outwards. My skirt and tights fit me perfectly. My clothing is woman sized now. My skin is very soft and my body odor has changed along with less hair on my arms and legs. My hair on my head is growing out and turning curly. My face is cuter. Other women are noticing me as a girl. I feel beautiful. I'm becoming the beautiful woman my Female spirit craves to be. I love Transformation Labs and want to try their other MTF products too. V351 sounds like the ticket.

to fast!
Posted Jul 25th 2022 by Adam B

it works but its way to fast and i feel lite headed because it works to fast i wanted something thats slower my breasts are growig quikly and gives warm feelings in groin and body but it dose clear up pmples very good

Very good
Posted Apr 18th 2022 by Classic

Very pleased with the short amount of time been taken them definitely notice a few changes

Works wonderful
Posted Feb 14th 2022 by Trixie

I absolutely loves how they working my breast are coming in nicely I normally get four bottles at a time but money was tight this month

Posted Aug 16th 2021 by justme

I love the Body-Tingle I get when I take my daily dosage. My nipples send tingles throughout my body and I get warm sensations throughout the day. Sex is Great! I love these pills.

Posted Jul 5th 2021 by IA

Some times I wonder am I dreaming or is this 3 pack MTF and 351-V Daily twice per day over now couple of months has improve my frame of mind and I have seem even vocal changes too.. I must also add increase signs of both ,breasts. I A

3 pak mtf System
Posted Jun 2nd 2021 by Melvin

I am on my 4th order so have been taking these for quite awhile. I take 3 of each a day faithfully. I don't know if these products have anything to do with my loss of appetite, but I have lost 38 lb.and I have developed a waist and hips. My breasts seem to not be increasing probably due to the weight loss. but I am maintaining a solid B cup. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF THESE AS A WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT.

Posted Apr 5th 2021 by GR WATERS

It is the bomb.

Buy with confidence.
Posted Apr 2nd 2021 by Sedona

Buy with confidence! I have used many non-pharmaceutical products from many different company's over the years, THIS company is THE REAL THING. A dream come true! Their product works (and works very well) with zero negative effects. I could explain the changes that have been taking place over the past 5-6 months but, quite frankly, everything that is supposed to be happening is happening - gradually, visibly and comfortably. I found Transformations Labs quite by chance when I ran across the blog site www.TransgenderSupplements.com (check it out, a wealth of info), which I later found out is managed by Chrissy (an employee at Transformations Labs who has been kind, thoughtful, helpful, professional and candid in her emails with me over the months (Thank you, honey, you are my hero)). This is a company run BY our community members, FOR our community and supportive of our needs. They really care and are here to help. I don't know how these magic pills work, but let me just say THEY WORK! So, if you are seeking a gentle, effective path toward transition, do not hesitate. THIS is the place! Buy with confidence!

3 Pack MTF System - Estro Boost, Testo Blocker & Dangerous Curves
Posted Mar 27th 2021 by chad

Definitely does what it says it does. It works. Very effective. A +++++

Does what it says.
Posted Feb 16th 2021 by Sonja

Yep. Definitely does what it says it does. It works. Very effective.

Posted Jan 13th 2021 by Nako

It works great and its is better than anything i has bought on the internet and thank you

3 Pack MTF System
Posted Jan 10th 2021 by Sid Garcia

Very noticeable difference in my skin and hair. My skin is no longer oily and acne has gone away. Skin is smooth allover. Hair went from coarse to fine allover my body. I love the results.

This seems to be working
Posted Dec 27th 2020 by Davinia

Only received this on Christmas Eve so this is based on 4 days use. I been taking one pill of each bottle included in this kit 3 times a day spaced 8 hours apart(is this too much too soon? should I reduce to 2 spaced 12 hours apart instead?) and already I noticed changes. My skin is softer and smoother. My breasts have started to grow(albeit slowly). I can feel something behind my nipples. There is also a discomfort being felt with my breasts(I assume this is normal?). My head hair appears to be stronger and I think some of my lost hair is starting to grow back. I also noticed that the smell of my body odour has changed. Overall I am happy and will be returning to buy some more, even upgrade to the 4 pack in a few months.

Thank you
Posted Jul 21st 2020 by Joseph Nash

I'm really seeing dramatic changes This really works all the products are of great Quality, my Favorite is the oils thank you for helping me achieve my Dreams

Estro booster, dangerous curves, testeo blockrr
Posted Apr 30th 2020 by Richard

Love these products! Skin is so soft and body is showing a cervier look. Thank u transformation labs!

Estro booster, dangerous curves, testosterone blocker
Posted Apr 30th 2020 by Richard

Love these products! Skin is so soft and body is showing a cervier look. Thank u transformation labs!

3 pack MTF review
Posted Feb 18th 2020 by sid

Very easy on the body. Very nice changes.

3 pack system
Posted Feb 16th 2020 by Erryn

Wanted to review your 3-pack system and let others know what I have experienced so far. I tried another company and wasn't overly impressed, but not disappointed either. Wanted to give the 3-pack system a try as it included the all important testosterone blocker the other company didn't offer. Anyway, while I know that it takes some time, I have noticed a seemingly small redistribution of body fat. More hips and some curvature seems to be forming in my midsection. Nothing too noticeable, but the measurements I have been taking seem to prove it. My butt seems to be rounding out as well and would love to include a picture of it to prove it, but don't think they would allow it. :) While there may be a bit of rounding in the lower breast area, I have not noticed or measured any growth there...so bummer. The other thing I have noticed is a definite loss of muscle in my arms to the point that I don't feel like I have to wear long sleeves all the time. I had bigger arms in the day, but have seen a marked decrease in mass in my upper arms. Going to give it another months worth and see what happens, but so far, not disappointed at all.

Posted Feb 3rd 2020 by Bottoman

I have tried them all and this is the ONLY legitimate transitioning capsule. IT REALLY WORKS! If it's time to finally take control of your life, look no further! These folks are the real thing! Courteous, kind, fast, EFFECTIVE & descreet. I love this company and all their products! And a special shout out to Chrissy who always finds the time to respond and assist me whenever I have reached out. Life long customer! Thank you, Trans-Labs!

Blood tests show this stuff works!
Posted Jan 19th 2020 by Bimmy

My blood tests just came in and my doc reviewed them with me today. My estrogen is up and climbing and my test has dropped by significantly after less than 3 months. THANK YOU, TRANSFORMATIONS LABS! My doctor is very pleased with my progress and will be contacting you for samples.

3 bottle system
Posted Jan 4th 2020 by Jessica

Works great just started a week ago and noticed my nipples getting hard all the time. Not sure if this is a sigh its working but they had never gotten hard easily before

It works
Posted Sep 29th 2019 by Jeff Taylor

Im 52 so i know its going to take time..ive only been taking the three pack for almost a month.i do see alittle change so far.so im going to keep taking them for awhile to see if it gets me where i want to be..thank you transformation lab for the fast shipping.and helping me get to where i want to be ..i have a long way to go but with your help ill get there.

The best purchase
Posted Jun 17th 2019 by Sem Veles

I did not expect to get such results! Previously I used L.D.B. with Lamooni for entire month. It gave results, of course, much better then ordinary Diane-35, that was used for 6 months. But it was nothing in comparison with this product! This one did the same in a week, that L.D.B took a month. I can only imagine what's gonna happen after 6 month of use... Moreover, this product doesn't have any taste. Especially, the awful one like Fenugreek pills. Anyway, I love this product.

It work slow
Posted Jun 17th 2019 by Amy Light

I take the 3pack 3times a day and it working slow but I see changes and I been on them for 2months now

These 3 packs are truly Amazing
Posted Jun 7th 2019 by Stephanie

I been taking the Estrogen Booster and Testosterone Blocker 4 Times a day and Dangerous Curves 3 Times a Day since June 4, so I'm on my fourth Day and the Results are Amazing, My Breast and Butt are bigger and Rounder, Hips are looking Feminine, skin is softer, lost some Body Hair, my Face is also starting to look feminine, I'm also been listening to subliminals for the past 6 Months

Good so far
Posted Apr 21st 2019 by Jami

I’m very happy with this from soft skin to weight change (thinner) and I feel better in my skin. My family is seeing change

3 pack system is the BOMB!
Posted Mar 22nd 2019 by Danielle

I am on my 2nd set of the 3 pack system and ...WOW! My breasts are noticeably fuller and my but is getting rounder. My wife has noticed a mood change for the better as well. This stuff really works!

4 pack
Posted Feb 22nd 2019 by Randie

I've been taking the 4for pack 3 times a day for only a week and I've noticed some slight changes my skin is softer and I feel different in a good way. I hope by this summer I can show off my girly figure. I'm liking it so far.

HOLY SH*T THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Dec 27th 2018 by Keke Layla

If I were being honest, I bought this stuff on a whim and almost returned it because I really didn't think anything would work except injections! BIG MISTAKE!!!! Effective, Calming, Mental & Physical Changes within the first bottles! I didn't really expect to see any difference in the first few weeks, WOW was I wrong!!! My nipples tingle, my head is clear, I am happier than ever, I am in a better place mentally and physically, my hips are visibly curvier and my skin has never been so clear! MIRACULOUS!!! If you're thinking about transitioning, I highly recommend making this step. So much more comfortable, personal & private than seeing my physition! New Year - New ME!!!

Posted Sep 18th 2018 by A.C.


The products work!
Posted Aug 18th 2018 by Gabrielle

Barely my second week in, skin is becoming dry, itchy is some areas... skin is starting to soften, next week I'll be buying another months supply, It is definitely worth the money.

using the second three pack system so far so good
Posted Aug 7th 2018 by catherine

I have been using the 3 pack system and am using the second 3 pack system about mid way through the second system and have noticed that my skin is getting softer. I am not sure but my body hair seems to be getting lighter. I am hoping with further use that my male body hair will disappear( I would love that) . I looking forward to hopefully reshaping my body in a more feminine form. I am hoping that I will develop breasts and cleavage(oh would I love that.). I know I am anxious for the process to accelerate but I will have to be patient. I have a lifetime of masculinity to overcome so I must not get ahead of myself. I will update my progress in the next few months, So far I am very happy with the results.

Love & Candy XOXO
Posted Jul 15th 2018 by Sonja


Slowly but surely
Posted Jul 15th 2018 by Lisa

So far I've noticed my breasts are feeling a little bit more full. The true test was when my boyfriend said my skin feels a little softer and that my breasts are starting to look more noticeable! With that being said I'll say that I'm happy with this product and will continue using the 3 pack system a bit longer.

Posted Jul 7th 2018 by Teenie

All I can say is WOW! Just WOW!

Posted Jun 25th 2018 by undefined

I ordered at 11 am on a Sunday, at 2:15 pm I received an email that said product was shipped . I also was given a USPS tracking number. Checked the number the next day and it said delivery on Thursday. I actually got it on Wednesday. I have now been taking the pills for 5 days 3x daily (8am, 2pm, and 8pm) I am starting to notice a heaviness in my breasts and a tenderness in my testicles. I have used other products and never had any results I am impressed and excited to see where this will take me.

my search is over!
Posted Jun 23rd 2018 by Kendra

This is doing what I've always dreamed of. Takes a little time but it does what they say. The changes are better each day.

Going on 4 months
Posted Jun 21st 2018 by Gindosh W.

I've been taking this 3 pack booster for about 4 months regularly, it impact isn't as drastic but there had been changes, it just takes time as patience with it. My body hair has thinned out significantly and is extremely easy to shave compares to my experience prior. There a been changes in fat placement throughout my body. For someone who's beginning a transaction this is a natural and good way to start, it's been a confidence booster and if you can afford you take them regularly and you're looking to start changeing I think this is a great way too. You won't really notice changes until about about a month in, 4 months in and I do notice a lot of changes, I've also been having a healthy diet and regular exercise to help with my transition.

I get compliments about my ass :)
Posted Jun 9th 2018 by Ree

I use this 3 pack and also the liquids. Breast, hips and ass all get better form. This is certainly working, wonderful thank you so much.

I love my soft & sexy training bra!
Posted May 31st 2018 by Virginia

I have bougt my first pink and sexy training bra. sexy sexy sexy! Thank you !

best place to go is here
Posted May 30th 2018 by Ellie Lindsay

I've been taking it only for 2 weeks and ive already noticed a change physically & mentally. I would recommend 10/10 besg product out there. Thank you guys at transformation labs for what you do and your support.

Amazingly Jazzy:)
Posted May 15th 2018 by Jazzy Logic

Big thank you to Transformation Labs! Hi every one and first off I love Love this 3 pack and want it in all liquid form How ever I really in joy this 3 pack of MTF. As I am Jazzy MTF Transgender girl,10 and a half months on this and WOW.. Very happy with all the changes to my whole being:)I really love the over all feelings and service! Along side the peace and love of the Transformation Labs for being there for me, & will being there for us all. You are apart of a real amazing transgender family and I say Thank you so much with lots of real Lovef You have changed my life and as My true self Jazzy I am so proud of this Compony and would love to work for you and promote it and I am working on some Cartoon adds for the Transformation labs family as will.. So coming soon from me TransCannabisVeganic Jazzy! XOXOXXOxoxoxxoxoxPeace Love & Trans Jazzy Greens P.s. follow me on instagram for all my amazing changes and to see more on the TransCannabisVeganic Cartoon network and cartoon adds for Transformation Labs as will.Thank you to all & Transgender Power.

my story & experience
Posted May 9th 2018 by anonymous androgynous

I took collagen in sept becus my face felt saggy already for a 24 y.o, even b4 then, and I’m androgynous so I disliked it. It ruined me, made my testosterone explode as b4 my hormones were @ a stagnant decline. Hair thinned, got manlier in couple months only, was unprecedented. Found this site and tried these to cope and go back to how I was b4 collagen. I noticed my physiology change, went thru slight depression & bad thoughts, but eventually was over. Noticed my labido go down from wat the collagen did. I noticed the manly fat the collagen caused go to my thighs, breast, & ass. I hated that my chest seemed to grow so I stopped b4 it was too l8 as I desire to be nonbin/androgynous. So if you’re wondering if this stuff works, I assume it does from the lil changes I noticed. Hope this helps some1

Waiting and Hoping
Posted May 8th 2018 by Ashley Elizabeth

Waiting: Currently on only my second 30 day supply - fully understanding that these pills will not work magic overnight, it naturally will take time. Hoping: Reading all of the positive comments placed by others has me dreaming of life long goals / dreams.

Just Started but Feeling it!
Posted Apr 20th 2018 by Corrina

I just started using the 3 pack but I can feel it already. It might be psychological but I am excited about this and how I feel. I feel a little more feminine and am happier. I will get back in about 4 more weeks and tell you what changes I feel then. Hopefully see along with the feeling.

Posted Mar 29th 2018 by JZ

Thnx for the coupon but I expect free samples with a double ordre.

slowly but surely
Posted Mar 15th 2018 by Tiffany

Tried the T bkocker and the Estro Booster from another site at first then discovered this website, The blue pills (dangerous curves) they include in the MTF package to help the red and green interact makes a huge difference. I highly recommend since they will develop breasts for you!

dont mess around with only gett one type of pill get the whole kit its worth it
Posted Mar 2nd 2018 by undefined

i have results quicker than i anticipated in only a week of use

not gonna lie
Posted Feb 21st 2018 by malayasia

Not gonna lie Idk if I’m really seeing results just yet went through 2 re-ups of just the two pack and just now started using the 3 pack just hoping for the best and keep re reading the reviews which say it’s remarkable. Also even tho I’m not seeing results a lot of people are saying they do see my but getting bigger and breast growing I will review again when I do see results. Nonetheless I’m excited as I am also using the liquid extracts as well

using testosterone pills
Posted Feb 21st 2018 by undefined

Using only them for now , because i have breast cream augmentation pills to use up before i start the estrogen pills& dangerous curves pills, . But the testosterone pills is slowing down , how many times i have to use my electric shaver, every body is different, so for new guy to woman . Yes please buy all (3) an enjoy . Being new woman

Only after I stopped, I REALLY saw what I was missing!
Posted Jan 19th 2018 by Tia

I have to admit, I really did not think this was working as well as it was UNTIL I STOPPED TAKING THEM! My transition has been so gradual that I did not feel the effects as much as I should have! I could see the gradual physical differences after only a few days and after 4 - 5 weeks it was apparent that THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!! I had to take some time off (due to money issues) and only then was when I saw the real progress that I had made (and subsequently began to lose)! Physically and Mentally!!! Needless to say, I bought a 6 month supply immediately so this would never happen again! Thank you Transformations Labs for making this product - it has changed my life!!!

3pk mtf system
Posted Jan 11th 2018 by allie peterson

Just started on January 1st. So I don"t expect much yet. I started after being on spironalactone and estrogel so my t levels were already slightly low and estrogen levels should have been up a little. I"m hoping to see results fairly soon because of those levels being at a good starting point!!! Thank you for the prompt delivery!!! Allie

Lindawaantabe WWants Curves
Posted Jan 8th 2018 by Lindawantabe

This is my first order for Dangerous Curves and only my third day of using this product. I'm extremely happy with the other products I've bought from Transformations Labs and am quite confident I'll love Curves.

Love Transformations Labs, Love my NEW life!
Posted Dec 29th 2017 by Danielle

Thank you for helping me realize my life long dream! I am so happy to have found Transformation Labs. I was skeptical at first but I will be a lifelong customer since I have begun using the triple pack (Estrogen Booster, Testasterone Blocker and Dangerous Curves). They are incredible and lifechanging! Thank you Transformation Labs!

Be patient,because it WORKS!
Posted Dec 24th 2017 by Kris

For those who are wondering,yes,this is the real thing.I've gone through the 1st batch of the 3-pack,and noticed several changes after about 2 weeks.Breasts begin to develop,arms and legs began to soften and curve,(Because your body is "building" that new layer of underskin fat,I noticed my skin lightening as well,not a bad side effect!),my ass is beginning to "bubble out" slowly,muscles are softening a bit,even in the neck,face is beginning to soften-slowly taking on feminine features.I've used the old version of this system many years ago,and because of my height,results may vary(I'm 6'2" tall,and 54 years old.A man who is 5'10" might get faster results.My body,for example,didn't have to flush out TOO much testosterone,at my age)What I can tell you,is that you have to stick to the regimen for it to progress properly.After about 3 months on the old system,the strangest side effect I noticed was along with a penis erection,my nipples become erect,too!(Scared me at first!)Kind of a weird,3-point hard on,I guess?I do believe the new system works faster,as the results so far seem to show.The reason it takes over a week to see any "physical" changes,is because you're starting with a full-blown,testosterone filled body,that these pills have to "flush out" first.Thereby,when enough estrogen is "switched out",and you stick with it,the results begin to come in fast!

great product
Posted Dec 19th 2017 by ryan

It has only been 5 days and I already see and feel good results

It works
Posted Nov 30th 2017 by Jonathan Miller

I was skeptical at first but this stuff actually works no bs.

It's a great product
Posted Nov 29th 2017 by undefined

Well there's a few problems it's not the product it's the person taking them u really need to stick with it to see best results if u gap them apart it's a real slow results I've been one this product for almost a year off and on I've been stright taking this product for 3 months to 4 stright on a regular basis and I've seen alot of results since I began trans issuing to a women I'm 51 years old (Sopia)

Amazingly Effective!!!
Posted Nov 8th 2017 by Denver.

With something so effective it should be available for free. Think TESLA!!! This could change countless peoples lives - it should be available to the public for free!!! We need new leadership in this country. Stand together - free medication to help people live better lives! I will continue to pay because it is inexpensive but the point is - essential meds (like these) should be available to everyone for free!

works well!
Posted Nov 5th 2017 by undefined

Just completed first round of booster and blocker with dangerous curves and definitely notice a difference.

Love This Product!!!
Posted Nov 3rd 2017 by undefined

I have been taking this product for about a week and I must say that I love this 3 pack system. Taking this within days I notice a change within my behavior. I feel more feminine and confident. I haven’t saw any physical changes yet but I know that they are coming. I’m extremely impressed.

Posted Nov 1st 2017 by Patrick

Brilliant! Life Changing! Works Great! Top Notch! What else can I say?!! DELICIOUS!!! XOXO!!!

Love my life!
Posted Oct 18th 2017 by Christeena

Thank you for giving me my life back!

3 pack
Posted Sep 22nd 2017 by undefined

Good product has 3 different colors of pills to make it easy, seeing gradual changes every day.

This stuff REALLY works!!!
Posted Sep 17th 2017 by Starr

Most dramatic move toward the future I have ever made! Your 3 part system REALLY works, better than expected!!!

Great Upgrade!
Posted Sep 5th 2017 by Toni

Love the new Dangerous Curves and Love the low price!!! Excellent!

Dangerous Curves really made a difference!
Posted Sep 5th 2017 by Bright Lights / Big City

What an incredible product MADE BETTER!!! I began using Dangerous Curves and am blown away! Transformations Labs took something that works spectacularly and MADE IT BETTER!!! You have given me my life back in so many ways! I cannot wait to try the new liquid extracts!!! Spectacular products - Thank you!!!

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3 Pack MTF System - Estro Boost, Testo Blocker & Dangerous Curves
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