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Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker, V ~ 351, Dangerous Curves Synergizer (with Piperine) - Liquid Extracts - 4 Pack


From the most trusted name in Transgender Support Supplements – Transformations Labs 4 Pack - ('Estrogen Boosting Liquid Extract', 'Testosterone Blocking Liquid Extract', 'Dangerous Curves Synergizer (with Piperine)' & ‘V ~ 351 Advanced Feminizer’)! With this kit the results you have been seeking as an MTF transgendered person have never been faster and as effective in our convenient liquid extract form!

The most effective, highest rated, non-prescription, Transgender Support System just got better! Come see what everyone is raving about! Our proprietary formulas are based on our award winning, proven designs with the most effective and powerful ingredients we can use by law. Our liquid extracts are 1:4X more powerful with a substantially faster advanced bio-delivery system and designed to stay in your blood stream longer for better, optimal, more immediate results!

When used sublingually (under the tongue), our transgender support extracts have many advantages! The cheek and the area under the tongue have a much greater number of capillaries, or tiny blood vessels closest to the surface of the skin. This means that our supplements can be absorbed significantly faster, better & more effectively directly into the bloodstream without needing to go through your digestive system.

Our extracts have been designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind! Our smaller container makes them easier to carry with a more discreet dispensing system. The faster uptake gets them working for you almost immediately, so they are wonderful for a faster "boost" of the hormone we desire and a quicker blocking and ridding of those you don't! They're great at parties, meetings, encounters, during romantic times or just when a little extra rush is desired. And, the unique flavor is absolutely spectacular!

Our commitment to serve our community has brought us to the latest innovation and advancement in Transgender supplements. If your goal is a curvier, more appealing bust line with thicker, fuller hips, a more delicate vocal range, larger cup size, less muscular build with thinner, lighter body hair; look no further. Their has never been a more effective, non-prescription MTF transgender liquid supplement system EVER offered. Our ‘V ~ 351 Advanced Feminizer’ 'Dangerous Curves Synergizer (with Piperine)', 'Estrogen Boosting formula' and our "Testosterone Blocking formulas" are the MOST powerful, MOST effective transgender support supplements on the non-pharmaceutical market. When used in conjunction with each other, their is simply nothing that compares to this MTF support system's effectiveness.

Our liquid extracts have been designed and developed by Transformations Labs – the leader in all-natural hormone manipulation. Our product has been designed with your fast-paced lifestyle in mind!  The results you have been seeking as a transgendered individual have never been easier to attain - better, stronger & faster!

Our freshly made propriety blend extracts are 100% cold pressed & 100% alcohol free, so the resulting compound has ZERO degradation or molecular damage. All products are shipped within 24 hours of payment to ensure a quick delivery. Make today that day that you finally make the steps toward the life you want! With Transformations Labs, highest quality & performance is 100% assured.

Here at Transformation Labs we believe in purity, organic ingredients and the most effective supplement on the market to help YOU find your way. We are the number one alternative to expensive & invasive "hormone replacement therapy". We are the leaders in all-natural hormone manipulation so before you begin any type of invasive & expensive BHRT or HRT, come see us at Transformations Labs and let us help you with a more comfortable, natural, more affordable alternative to either! And, if you have already found yourself caught up in the easy allure of harsh, expensive, doctor prescribed synthetics – come see us for a more comfortable, gradual transformation.


  Piperine (found in Dangerous Curves) works with our bodies to prevent the enzymatic process of the human body which attacks and naturally eliminates our transitioning supplements from your system! Piperine helps to prevent a process in the liver called glucuronidation, which attaches a molecule (glucuronide) to drugs and supplements to signal for their urinary excretion. This process, glucuronidation, inhibits important supplement uptake to renders our life changing formulas useless. HOWEVER when Dangerous Curves is introduced during ingestion, excretion of our supplements is hindered and our supplements can bypass this regulatory stage, creating a more bio-available environment for each and every offering from The Transformations Labs line of transgender support supplementation! 

 Dangerous Curves from Transformations Labs is the number one way to help your body retain, utilize and benefit MORE from every product we offer. Try out Dangerous Curves (in capsule or extract from today) from Transformations Labs today with any of our supplements and find out what everyone is talking about! Get the most out of your supplementation by using this cutting edge technology brought to you by the experts in hormone manipulation here at Transformations Labs! 

   Along with Piperine, Dangerous Curves is packed with the estrogen boosting power of Vitex Agnus Castus Berry & the testosterone blocking strength of Pueraria Thomsonii Root. Don't wait, make today the day you begin living the life you dream of and the life you deserve with Transformations Labs.


Be Bold, Be New, Be Alive – Transformations Labs


  Our MTF hormone manipulation kit is four bottles total - One bottle of Transformations Labs Estrogen Booster, One bottle of Transformations Labs V ~ 351 Advanced Feminizer, One bottle of Dangerous Curves synergizer (with Piperine) & One bottle of Transformations Labs Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer! Each specifically designed and developed to interact & complement each other perfectly together. 




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


New body, Great sex-drive & healthy head-space!
Posted Apr 17th 2024 by melody

This is sincerely the best product I have ever used in my 9 years of transitioning. I hated injections, I was too emotional / suicidal with prescriptions and everything I have used in the past was completely useless. Thank heavens I found Transformations Labs! This IS the real thing. These capsules are both life-changing and life-saving! They work, they are effective and they are easy on my system and mental health. The physical changes are more pronounced daily (hips, breasts, vocal octaves, skin, hair, etc.) and the mental changes are so pleasing! My sex drive is stronger than ever before, my clitoris has taken on a new life and my new body is making everything (and I mean everything) more pleasing for us both! Thank you Transformations Labs for my new life and thank you Chrissy for helping me along this path, your advice and email replies are priceless! XOXO to you all. (PS. I just purchased the 12 pack today and some of your new bedroom toys)! Yippee! and thank you!

MTF liquid 4-pack
Posted Jun 3rd 2023 by Khloe

After just almost two weeks of building to to three I’m hooked. Quite honestly I always had a fear starting and seeing true results as a sceptic. The first dose and tingle in my head that created feeling of warmth was amazing. My nipples are huge all the time! The bra’s I bought some time ago now fit. Yes, these breasts have already begun to grow. I’m almost afraid of the products spread. My lower region has this amazing tingle I can’t explain. Skin is more supple and body flexibility has increased. Good bye to male self for ever. Hello to the beautiful new me. Thank you for sending me on my way.

Liquid extracts
Posted Mar 6th 2023 by Katie Johnson

This stuff works really well. I combine the extracts and the pills as sometimes it's just easier. I'm loving the testosterone blocker! My mental health, my demeanor and my sense of being are finally leveling off. My skin has really cleared up, body odor is almost none existent and my hair is getting softer and much more manageable. Been losing weight and definitely developing curves. My bust was barley a 1/2 inch when I started, two months and I'm at 2 and 1/2 "measurements" and I can physically see and feel this stuff work. And even if you're not transgender or anything and you suffer with a bad attitude, always grumpy, always horny wanting to fight all the time, you smell, bad skin ie: acne, psoriasis ect... The testosterone blocker is amazing for all those ailments also.

Liquid Extract
Posted Jan 31st 2023 by Juliette

I started my journey about 1 month ago. I started with pills then two weeks into it I started using the Liquid Extract. The biggest change is the round mounds forming under my breasts. I am delighted. I have lost 2 pant sizes around my waist. My testicles are shrinking my moods are becoming lighter. I am very pleased. Bras fit better. Seeing slight changes in butt area. These extracts are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work in developing these natural formulas. Great job cudos to all of you.

Liquid Extract
Posted Jan 31st 2023 by Juliette

I started my journey about 1 month ago. I started with pills then two weeks into it I started using the Liquid Extract. The biggest change is the round mounds forming under my breasts. I am delighted. I have lost 2 pant sizes around my waist. My testicles are shrinking my moods are becoming lighter. I am very pleased. Bras fit better. Seeing slight changes in butt area. These extracts are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work in developing these natural formulas. Great job cudos to all of you.

Pills and extract
Posted Dec 11th 2021 by Alicia

I’ve been taken these for about 4 months now they working well I started with the 3 pack then the 4 pack and now on the 4 pack liquid extract I’m very pleased so far

Great results!
Posted Nov 2nd 2021 by Rikki

Always been curious about doing this, and I finally did it! OMG, does it ever work. I took the 4 extracts 3 times a day and after 3 days, my nipples were hard and perky. I love how sensitive they have become! I just finished my bottles (2 weeks of taking the extracts) and while there is not a lot of development, I can tell that there is more breast tissue than before. I also noticed less fat around my waist and more on my upper thighs, especially the upper inner thigh. My testicles have shrunk, which hopefully will make the transition process faster and easier. My body hair seems to be softer, and I am hoping that it stops growing altogether. These extracts are working so well that I am almost afraid to continue, because they REALLY DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO! My body has continued to transition, despite my not having taken the extracts these past few days (since I ran out). Oh, and all the warnings from previous reviewers... well I didn't experience any adverse side effects. I felt completely normal the whole time. My only side effect was having to pee more frequently. I looked forward to taking the extracts because they taste so good. This is a great way to a gradual transition that produces just enough change to keep you encouraged, without the sudden (and awkward) overnight change.

4 pack herbals
Posted Jul 30th 2021 by rachel harris

its definitly working well , wish i could show you a picture of how well.

liquid extracts 4 pack
Posted Jul 17th 2021 by rachel harris

been using them for almost a month now. ive dropped 2 pants sizes and my breast are growing hard. ive even noticed my body hair is declining as well. mood is more relaxed too. hope to keep going for awhile til i reach my.goal. if this really works as well as it is now i wont need a consult for my surgeries.

Amazing Results
Posted May 5th 2021 by Collin

This website/company is amazing I've seen results less then a week! I've bought the four pack of the pills and liquid extracts and let me tell you. The extracts did more in a week then the pills done in a month. I can immediately tell the changes and feel more vibrant then ever. I've even seen improvements in my mood. This stuff is very strong and your body will feel overwhelmed first couple days due to hormone changes it does but after couple days it doesn't impact you near as much. I've been losing a lot of muscle, my breast of developing and my butt ox has been more firmer in rounder still a ways to go even my calfs been noticing a difference. I suffer from really bad hair growth like a caveman where my skin blisters when I shave no matter what I do going from like shaving 3 times to once every few days without my skin blistering. I was really skeptical of this site at first but then have without a doubt proven me wrong. I will update my review as it goes on.

liquid extracts 4 pack
Posted Dec 7th 2020 by Paul/aka Paula

I decided with my last order to only get the refills of t blocker, and estrogen booster, however, I just reordered the dangerous curves and v-351. I noticed that my body didn't keep transforming as quickly without the two. I also gained 3lbs over the course of two weeks, so I figured this had something to do with it. while my Butt ,Hips, and Breasts Nipples and Areolas continue to grow and bud, with the v-351 and Dangerous Curves supplement I felt firmer, not so soft and fatty. hopefully the addition of the two will help get me back there. with the two supplements I was firm yet soft, without them I was soft yet fattier feeling. I will keep you updated. Kisses Paula

Clean bill of health
Posted Dec 6th 2020 by Jamie

This stuff really works! I just came out to my Chiropractor who does different techniques of muscle testing. Since I haven't been monitored by an MD, I wanted a checkup. I had him test my 4 extracts, breast serum, and diet pills that I've been taking for about 3 months. He tested them individually then all together. He told me that they are all "neutral" meaning they aren't healing anything and they aren't harming me. He tested all my organs and found NO damage. He then used a test kit of samples to test organs and hormones. Just so you know, he doesn't tell me what questions he's asking my body. With the test kit my organs all tested good again. When he tested hormones, he looked confused and tested again. He said that he was surprised by results. He showed me the results and said, "IT APPEARS THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY TURNED THE CORNER. YOU'RE FEMALE NOW". He also told me that he asked if these supplements are better for me than the standard "HRT" program. The answer was "YES". Great news all around! I was hoping for "B" cups by now, but no luck. I do have nicely rounded and firm "A" cups now though. It feels awesome! It normally takes 1-2 years to develop breasts. I'm happy to have the results so far. By the way, Chrissy B. in support is great at answering questions.

Liquid Extract
Posted Nov 23rd 2020 by Sarah Johnson

Been taking 2 times a day and in 1 week I can tell my body is changing

liquid extracts 4 pack
Posted Nov 8th 2020 by Paul/aka Paula

I have been on these products for 8 weeks and have completely Feminized. I am getting a very Femme figure, and have a regulated dosage every 8 hrs. These are amazing!!! A+++ Kisses Paula

liquid extracts 4 pack
Posted Oct 23rd 2020 by Paul/aka Paula

been using this product for 4 months now three times a day and my body has gotten used to the hormone adjustment and I have seen extreme results. keep the regimen for the daily doses and the results get better week after week. I truly recommend these supplements. A+++

liquid extracts 4 pack
Posted Sep 30th 2020 by Paul/aka Paula

First I am going to start off by saying that this product works 100%. I am a 52 yr old Trans Woman/Crossdresser not on any other supplements or medications. This is my first time taking a regiment of any kind of HRT. I am on week 4 of taking the Products in this package and while saying that, it actually works is a GROSS Understatement. However; I did experience some major issues in the beginning that required some adjustments of the supplements. "Pre- Hormone Supplement measurements".( Bra 40 A, Hips 34 in, Waist 35 in, Butt 35, Thigh's 18in, Calf's 16 in, wrist 9 in, forearms 12.5 in, Bicep's 15.5 in. ) Week 1 : I only took the testosterone blocker twice a day with no other supplements, I didn't want my body to be overwhelmed with a sudden shift in my Hormones. after Week 1 : I didn't see much change. some small differences but nothing major. Week 2: I started taking both the estrogen and the testosterone blocker 2x daily and the dangerous curves and the V-351 1x daily. now I could start to see some differences literally transforming on a daily basis. my skin was softening up, my body hair was getting thinner, and my mood started to become much more at ease. I felt less stressed, and more calm. my sex drive was still normal although I did see some changes in my scrotum. My scrotum tightened up and my balls were firmer. my nipples were a little sensitive, and I got weird aches and pains on and off in different parts of my body throughout the day. week 2 Measurements: (Bra 40 A, Hips 35 in, Waist 34 in, Butt 35, Thigh's 18in, Calf's 15 in, wrist 8.5 in, forearms 12.0 in, Bicep's 15.0 in. ) Subtle changes but nothing drastic yet. Week 3 : I changed my dosing to the recommendation on the bottles of up to 3 times a day for all the 4 products and this is where I had a few complications, I was Extremely Dehydrated everyday almost all day long. although the results were in Warp Speed at this point, I had to make some dosing adjustments for my body. I wanted to enjoy the transformation and I seemed to be getting anxiety and almost to the point of a panic attack. The Hormones were adjusted up too fast for my Body and Mind to handle. At this point I backed up the dose a bit for week 4. Week 3 Measurements: (Bra 38 A, Hips 36 in, Waist 33 in, Butt 37.5, Thigh's 19in, Calf's 15.25 in, wrist 8 in, forearms 11.75 in, Bicep's 13.5 in. ) Once again I see more of a drastic change in some areas of my body, nothing major from week to week, but from the beginning measurement's they are bigger than I thought. Week 4 : I Adjusted my Supplements Dosing, Estrogen and Test blocker to 2x Daily and the Dangerous Curves and V-351 to1x Daily. the side affects started to diminish but my Water intake on a daily basis has increased 3 fold. Week 4 Measurements: (Bra 37 A/B, Hips 37 in, Waist 32 in, Butt 39, Thigh's 20in, Calf's 15.5 in, wrist 8.25 in, forearms 11 in, Bicep's 13.5 in. ) Huge difference from where I started on week 1. Week 5 : I am on 2x daily for Estrogen and Test Blocker, and 2x daily for Dangerous curves and V-351. Still drinking lots of water, more water daily than I ever have in my entire life. starting to show huge gains from this dosing and these Supplements. I am much calmer now. my appetite seems to grow daily at weird times, I just get super hungry for no reason. constantly drinking water. all day it seems. My sex drive is still very much aroused, only my Scrotum is much smaller and tighter, and my Penis is Flacid and useless to achieve an erection. not losing much girth, just the inability to get it erect. Week 5 Measurements: (Bra 37 A/B, Hips 39 in, Waist 32 in, Butt 39.5, Thigh's 21in, Calf's 13.5 in, wrist 7.5 in, forearms 10 in, Bicep's 12.5 in. ). Week 6 is just beginning and I am on 2x daily of the Estrogen boost and Test blocker, 2x daily of the V-351 and Dangerous Curves. Pre Measurements: ".( Bra 40 A, Hips 34 in, Waist 35 in, Butt 35, Thigh's 18in, Calf's 16 in, wrist 9 in, forearms 12.5 in, Bicep's 15.5 in.) Current Measurements: " (Bra 37 A/B, Hips 39.5 in, Waist 32 in, Butt 39.5, Thigh's 21in, Calf's 13.5 in, wrist 7.0 in, forearms 10.2 in, Bicep's 11.75 in. ). After 6 weeks: (Bra is 3 in smaller and cup size up 1 full cup) ,( Hips up 5.5 in ), (Waist 3 inches smaller), ( Butt 4.5 in larger ), ( Thighs 3 in larger ), ( calf's 2.5 in smaller), ( Wrist 2 in smaller), ( forearms2.3 in smaller), ( Bicep's 3.75 in smaller). This is after 6 weeks of Hormone Supplements but also Dosing Adjustments along the way. As I stated, find the right Dosing for your Body type, Don't increase too fast, and take before and after measurement each week. slow changes will occur, and when they do take off, stay HYDRATED!!! the more Hydrated you are the better the results for some odd reason. Good Luck to all my Trans Girlfriends out there!! This Product actually does what it Says it does. Kisses Paul/AKA Paula

Thank you
Posted Jul 28th 2020 by Joseph Nash

Starting to see results great product the oils work a lot more effective then the pills , love it

Works as advertised
Posted Apr 29th 2020 by Bree

It's potent and notice lil changes in over a week time Happy with the product so far

In less then a month!?!
Posted Mar 5th 2020 by Eve

HOLY SHIT!!! This website is amazing. I've always been bicurious and questioning my sex. Apparently i was exposed to alot of estorgen in the womb and when I turned 30 I said fuck and bought the 4pack of the pill and 4 pack of the bottles and the breast serum, the weight loss the works! Only one month though. I'm 5/5/ and used to be 155lbs I'ts only been 3 weeks and I've almost lost 25lbs all in the gut, upper arms, and thighs exactly where i wanted it and my calves are more tone like when I used to run. Even my fatass has become firmer and rounder. Still not passable (but very close) but I can tell this is having a huge effect on my face. I split my lip and have a scar and it's not where its been for 10+ years. my face is definitely getting slimmer and narrower some. Side effects are most to my libido which is to be expected. However it's been a very weird 50/50 trade off. Im still horny when I wake up and periodically however the blood to my penis really has lessened. I was an un-impressive 4 1/2- 5 inches, but I used to get ROCK hard and had a good 1 1/2 - 2 inch circumference. My erections are no longer rock hard even when i feel and look fully erect I can bend my dick and I seem to have lost half an inch in length and girth. My testes are definitely shrinking too. Same with my cock they were pretty solid before, now? Well they kinda feel squishier then before. I can still jeck off and orgasm just fine in fact it seems they've gotten slightly more intense, I cant help but let out some uncontrollable whimpers now. My breast are well. unnoticeable at face value. facing me directly you cant tell but when i look down I can see I'm budding and unlike pects which are firm and flat to the touch they are very soft and round underneath. All in all this was an expensive test but I feel AMAZING. I at one point became a depressed alcoholic worked through it with counseling but the damage to my body was done I never thought I'd bust this beer gut cause I have a bad knee and exercise is not something i can do very well. This is another reason i held off transitioning when i should have started 5 years and wasted what was left of my 20's I didnt want to be having all this excess skin and thought I could never pass anymore. Now I have so much energy it's like not a feminine thing either it just seems like my body is prone to the idea of producing estrogen and I feel like I'm in highschool again (just without the sex drive). I should probably stop and bank some sperm while I can cause likely I'm going to keep this going and if I want kids cause I think I'm reaching the no going back point. I just feel natural. I love what I look like in the mirror now. The worst part is my CLOTHES!!! I have hundreds of dollars of clothes for men medium and large and now even my small tank-tops feel mis -proportionate. My favorite pants seem huge on me now. I never liked tight jeans but I think I have to start looking into it soon. cause in 3 week I've had to tighten my belts by 3 notches on some and 4 notches on others. It's crazy I didnt expect this to work so well. Im not sure if your supposed to pill OR extract but using everything on site as instructed and I'm the happiest I could be in over decade and even though your supposed to get weaker and lose muscle I feel stronger then I've been my entire life (though physically some tasks are requiring more effort) I really wish i took day 1 photos cause at day like 21 these results are mindblowing.

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Transformations Labs Extracts - 4 pack.