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Dangerous Curves ~ MTF Synergist


Dangerous Curves ~ MTF Synergist

Dangerous Curves Synergist – Created to enhance the strength & effectiveness of the already most popular, hottest selling, highest rated ‘Transgender Support Capsule’ on the market! Transformations Labs is there to help you find your way! This synergist is made specifically to work WITH our Test Blocking and our Estro Boosting Supplement System (also found here).
Our commitment to serve our community has brought us to the latest innovation and advancement in Transgender supplements. If your goal is a curvier, more appealing bust line with thicker, fuller hips, a more delicate vocal range, larger cup size, less muscular build with thinner, lighter body hair; look no further. Dangerous Curves Synergist is finally here!
Dangerous Curves Synergist has been designed and developed by Transformations Labs – the leader in all-natural hormone manipulation. Our product has been designed to work synergistically and seamlessly with our Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker kit. Used together with our original formula, the results you have been seeking as a transgenerded individual have never been better, stronger & faster!
We have designed Dangerous Curves with you in mind! Each life changing capsule contains a full dose of an all organic proprietary blend designed to boost your femininity even further! It is also packed with a new ingredient that only Transformations Labs is using to help you suppress even more of the characteristics that you don’t need!
 We could have stopped there but we went even further! We have designed Dangerous Curves Synergist with a full dosage of our special all-natural enzymatic inhibitor that inhibits P-Glycoprotein - the substance that naturally eliminates our supplements from your body! That’s right, with Dangerous Curves your body will continue to utilize our products longer and more efficiently! Our studies show that with Dangerous Curves you’ll receive up to 500 - 1000% more bio-availability with each daily dosage and a much higher absorption rate! All this means that you will find the results you have been seeking faster, efficiently & with a more pronounced effect.
 Our proprietary blend contains Piperine, Vitex Agnus Cactus Berry, Pueraria Thomsonii Root & Piperine. 
 This product has been designed to work with and complement the effects of our Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker. We highly recommend that all three are taken together for optimum effects.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


It was second time using it but the result where somewhat mild
Posted Jun 21st 2023 by AndreasIno McEwen

I had already taken the test blocker a few months before taking this product but the results I got from it where moderate could benefit from a bit stronger ingredients.

Great product
Posted May 22nd 2022 by Sw

Best ever. Been using these products for several months and noticing significant changes. More curves and breast size increase to a B cup.

Works very well.
Posted Dec 23rd 2020 by bottom love.

A wonderful product and the only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that is works very fast. Faster than I thought it would. I am seeing actual physical changes in my 3rd month. I was expecting a more gradual shift. In the middle of my 4th - 4 pack kit and my breasts are growing, my normally slender hips are widening, my fanny is fuller, my voice is higher, my hair is lush and shiny and my skin is so soft. An amazing product, sincerely, but I do not know if I am ready for so many changes. The mental and spiritual shift was warm and welcoming and continues to this day. My thoughts are more of a feminine nature and I even dream as a woman these days! I guess I should want the shift to be as quick as possible because of the positive nature of these past weeks and months but was not prepared to actually be seeing so many changes in 3-4 months. I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings. I feel great. :)

Posted Jan 18th 2020 by anonymous

Just started a few weeks ago. Looking forward to changes. I'm a male with hips. Want these pills to continue shaping them.

Love this Product!!!
Posted Sep 23rd 2019 by Squints

I am loving the results!!! I take this in conjunction with the 3 pack of liquid extracts and the breast serum. My curves are proudly showing in every part of my body and I am feeling way more confident in who I am. This stuff is amazing!!!

Use em all!!!
Posted Mar 7th 2019 by Dina

I used the twin for along time then started using the 4 pack. GREAT! Way better! Should have been using them all from day 1

Love what it has done!
Posted Aug 18th 2018 by Kendra

Love my new HIPS.

Posted Aug 9th 2018 by kierra

Yes this is my second bottle I have went thru Nd I can really see it working . I take prescription estrodal Nd spiro with it as well . I love it

Can I give more than 5 stars?
Posted May 18th 2018 by Becca

I hadn't seen my friend in over a month. So I went to visit her on tuesday. And she immediately mentioned the little changes she noticed. I'm getting curves and my face is softer and I love myself. She did my makeup and I put on my best dress and nobody could tell that I was ever a boy.

Too early to tell, but optimistic
Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Rebecca Morley

I've been taking Dangerous Curves in conjunction with the estrogen booster and the testosterone blocker for about three days. While I haven't seen any sort of crazy improvement in my chest, I do feel tender a lot of the time and my nipples are generally a lot more sensitive, which I know means that these three supplements are working.

Really makes a big difference!
Posted Nov 13th 2017 by HAL

Big thanks out to Chris and the staff at Transformations Labs! Im so glad you recommended this extra bottle. It really makes a big difference. I could feel it working in the first week. Customer for life!

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Dangerous Curves ~ MTF Synergist
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