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V~351 Advanced Feminizer

The advanced feminizer you have been waiting for! We've spent over 2 years in R&D until we finally dialed in the perfect balance of all natural / organic ingredients to work and interact seamlessly with our 3 part system (Testosterone Blocker, Estrogen Booster & Dangerous Curves Synergist). This revolutionary new formula makes transition quicker, more effective & more comfortable with better, more pleasing results.
Our new product V~351 (Venus 351) is an advanced feminizing formula which interacts with and complements our other supplements exceptionally well. It has been designed to "pick up" where the others have left off and is created to allow our physiology to naturally produce more estrogen (the hormone that gives us our feminine qualities). More of YOUR OWN estrogen, not a chemical reproduction which is what is found in harmful pharmaceuticals.
Our commitment to serve our community has brought us to the latest innovation and advancement in Transgender supplements. If your goal is a curvier, more appealing bust line with thicker, fuller hips, a more delicate vocal range, larger cup size, less muscular build with thinner, lighter body hair; look no further. V~351 Feminizer is finally here!
V~351 has been designed and developed by Transformations Labs – the leader in all-natural hormone manipulation. Our product has been designed to complement and work with our specialized MTF 3 part system. Used together with our original formula, the results you have been seeking as a transgendered individual have never been better, stronger & faster!
V~351 - with its advanced targeting profile, we are now able to stimulate the estrogen producing receptors that are not typically targeted with other transgender support supplements! Each advanced capsule contains a full dose of an all organic proprietary blend designed to boost your femininity even further! It is also packed with advanced complementing ingredients that only Transformations Labs is using to help you suppress even more of the characteristics that you don’t want as more of the ones you do want become much more visibly pronounced!
  This product has been designed to work with and complement the effects of our 3 part MTF transgender system. We highly recommend that all four are taken together for optimum effects.


V351 feminizer
Posted Feb 12th 2021 by Yaya

They make my breasts POP and my nipples are definitely growing! Great product!

Fast, effective, real results
Posted Feb 8th 2021 by Mikaela

Quick & effective.

Thank you
Posted Jul 16th 2020 by Joseph Nash

Been on for a month now starting to talk like a woman , my body is slowly transforming in to the person I want to be ,Thank you

Posted Jun 7th 2019 by Stephanie

This stuff really works, I'm starting to look more Feminine, Bigger butt and Breast, softer skin, Lost some body hair, Hoping to lose all Facial Hair, I am on my fourth Day so far, I take it 3 times a day, I find my Face looks more Feminine, I will continue using this, I also feel Feminine, but I don't look like a female as of yet, so I will wait to venture out in public, This is working faster than I thought possible, Thanks a million, My Dream of becoming a Woman is finally coming thru

I love translabs !!
Posted Jul 21st 2018 by Kendra

Y'all keep making a great thing better. This is the missing link. Love YOU.

Awesome name
Posted Jul 15th 2018 by Nolan Idlout-Paulson

I’ve only taken about 4-5 at the most. So it’s too early for me to see any results. So is this Venus-351 an Estrogen 2.0? Love the name by the way! I just wish I would have discovered Estrogen sooner. I would’ve started to transition a long time ago

Does what they say it does.
Posted Jun 27th 2018 by Kendra

In just a short time I can see and feel the changes I have been looking for. Thank you. K

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Sku TFL-V351
Advanced Feminizer, Estrogen Booster, Testosterone Blocker