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3 Pack FTM System - E-Blocker, T-Booster & T-Booster 2 (T-Squared)


3 Pack MTF System - Estrogen Blocker, Testosterone Booster & Testosterone Booster2


The cutting edge, revolutionary transitioning kit that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!!! The best & most effective 3 part all-natural, organic FTM (Female to Male) transitioning system on the market!!!

Our '3 Pack FTM Transitioning system' contains 1 bottle of each - Estrogen Blocker, Testosterone Booster & Testosterone Booster2 (T-Squared).


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3 pack starter kit
Posted Aug 18th 2021 by Aj

I been on the pills for about a week now and I’ve noticed my s*x drive being higher and my moods changed and my voice has been deepened

This stuff kicks ASS.
Posted Oct 25th 2020 by James

Give this sh#t a little time and it really works wonders. Seriously good Sh#t. Facial hair, strength, attitude and SEX DRIVE. F#cking GREAT Sh#t! The REAL THING!

The new T-Squared is really worth extra the money!
Posted Dec 21st 2019 by Ramble

I have been using the twin pack for almost a year, I just began using the 3 part kit and it really makes a big difference! Great results great price.

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FTM 3 Pack
FTM 3 Pack