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MTF E-Booster & T-Blocker Twin Pack

Estrogen Booster with Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer
This purchase is for two bottles total - One bottle of Transformations Labs Estrogen Booster & One bottle of Transformations Labs Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer! Each specifically designed to work seamlessly & complement each other perfectly together.
~ Our Estrogen booster features a five star bio-delivery system containing the most powerful and effective, organic bio-nutrients available to work with your body to help boost estrogen levels smoothly and naturally. Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and femininity - a desired "curvy" body style , growth of breasts and hips (in both men and women) & higher vocal ranges - to name just a few.
~ Our Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer is effective to work with your body to help block and rid your body of testosterone levels smoothly and naturally. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for typical male characteristics such as - a muscular build, body hair & deeper voice pattern, just to name a few. With Transformations Labs it is now possible to suppress the hormone responsible for these and the many other undesirable effects of testosterone.
As the leaders in all natural, organic hormone manipulation, Transformations Labs is here to help you find your way. We can help with a smooth, gradual, comfortable transformation. Estrogen Booster from - Transformations Labs!  Come see what everyone has been talking about!
With our unique, proprietary formulations of Testosterone Blockers & Estrogen Boosters it is now possible for your body to produce estrogen at higher continuous levels & block and metabolize testosterone naturally, safely and comfortably. Be New, Be Bold, Be Alive - Transformations Labs.
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Posted Dec 24th 2022 by Jaime

your products are great!!!!

Just Ordered
Posted Dec 9th 2022 by K

Just order my first bottles of T Blocker and E Booster, Iam nervous and excited. Being mature, 58, and starting this later in life, Ive been embracing my feminine side especially this last year, enjoying the journey of my feminization. I have been taking breast supplements since November of 2021, with nice success and have also had my clitty locked in chastity a little longer than that. After doing a little research I feel that this is the next step for me. I hope for the best...

The MTF pills
Posted Oct 7th 2022 by Brittany Nicole mullens

Hey it’s Brittany I love the pills I get other in today world don’t understand but you all do I was a woman trapped in a man body but my hips butt move when I walk my c cup breast move up and down as I walk I getting the body I dreamed of my whole life the hair on my body has slowed down the hair on my head is growing faster and my hair down don’t look like mine did at all I’m more woman than man now I’m just so so happen other out there won’t understand but telling you I know you all are happy for me to the ones that make these pills god bless you all for giving me my dream when no one could thank you Brittany

Posted Sep 16th 2022 by Brittany Nicole Mullens

I love these pills my body is so so sexy now my breast move with every Step I take my hips and butt sway as I walk my nips are so much bigger my hair is so so long now I had a man tell I was one sexy woman he didn’t know I was a man but it won’t be long for me to have my dream and be a woman with the help you give me thank you and god bless you for making me what I have should’ve been my entire life love ❤️ Brittany

Love they’d pills
Posted Jun 27th 2022 by Brittany Nicole Mullens

I love my breast they are so so round and move so so much as I walk and my butt and hips move and shake as I walk god thank you for the woman I am god bless you all Brittany

I love you all pills
Posted Jun 27th 2022 by Charles Mullens

Good I’m so sex now my breast are so much bigger and hips and butt are so much rounder I’m so so happy thank you Brittany Nicole Mullens

it works to fast!!!
Posted Jun 8th 2022 by L.B.

I expected a more gradual change but it is much faster than expected. I had to give 4 stars because i wanted to move into my new feamale sexuality more gradully. It works to fast and my breastes are budding on my 3rd order. I dont want to shift to fast!

Posted May 6th 2022 by yaya

OMG! I love love love you!!! Perfect. Thank hyou.

I love this pills
Posted Feb 18th 2022 by It’s me agin brittany

My god my hips and butt look just like a woman and let me tell you about my breast they a c cup now and when I walk they move up and down and side to side my nips are so so big when u play with them I feel it all over my sex life is so so good soon the lower half will be as a woman to and I’ll be all woman thank you all for what u helped me to do and be, I love it god bless you all for this I was a woman trapped in a man body now I’m what I was to be thank

Posted Jan 30th 2022 by Baby girl

It’s me agin this works so good I was dressed up walking in a place to get so milk a man open the door for me and said there u go sweetheart as he slapped my ass i feel more like a woman now with this MTF I’m on it’s great after I came out he ask me for my number and I gave it to him my butt and hips are so full my breast are rounder and mover as I walk I have never been more happy in my life I’m a woman now u just don’t know what that means to me I go by Brittany now thank u all for your help with this Brittany Nicole

Posted Jan 17th 2022 by Charles Mullens

I have been taking about 6 weeks now my hips and butt are great but god let me tell you about my breast they are growing so so fast I’m a b cup now the fat is moving around on my body and I’m starting look like a woman more and more every day it’s my dream come true thank you

2 pack
Posted Nov 12th 2020 by Juicy

Really worth the money.my breast is starting to fill out in just 1 month and i feel more feminine now.thanks

MTF T-blocker E-booster 2-pack
Posted Jul 12th 2020 by Terri

I started about 1/2-month ago with the twin pack. I feel so much better already! For some time before, I was using Flax seed and olive oil as a topical for breast growth (by absorbing the omega-3's), and it was working. I had gone from not much of anything to a strong A cup and almost a B. When I started on the twin pack, I first noticed weight and size loss in all except my breasts. I am now noticing my hips filling in some and a little bit of areola developing (just a touch of each). I just purchased for next month, the 3-pack, so I guess in about another month I will be able to do a review on the 3-pack then. I love the products from transformations Labs! TTFN my family...

Posted Mar 11th 2020 by Rosa

2 months In and feeling better bout myself with each day really works

Posted Nov 9th 2019 by Baroness

I haven't begun HRT but i started my journey with Translab Products. The Results are incredible and have helped me take on the responsibility of taking my transition into my own hands. I feel more mentally prepared to undertake my full transition. Thanks to Transformation labs I have a better understanding of whats to come, and fully understand the consequence of my decision moving forward. I'm grateful for this product

Posted Sep 24th 2019 by undefined


9 months in.
Posted Nov 11th 2018 by Kendra

I really am impressed. Looking and feeling the changes and it's worth it. Thanks to trans labs!

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MTF E-Booster & T-Blocker Twin Pack
Testosterone Blocker & Estrogen Booster Twin Pack
Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker Twin Pack
Transgender Feminizer, Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker