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Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer


Male Features - Blocker & Metabolizer

Our male-traits Blocker & Metabolizer features a five-star bio-delivery system containing the most powerful and effective, organic bio-nutrients available. Our blocker is designed to work with your body to help block and rid your body of its male features smoothly and naturally WITHOUT negatively affecting your sex drive. It will help with a more feminine shift of muscularity, a more pleasing and ladylike repositioning of adipose tissue, less and thinner facial & body hair, and a more pleasing vocal octive, just to name a few.

Our Male Trait - Blocker & Metabolizer has been designed to work alone or to work seamlessly with our Feminine Boosters (also offered on our site). Be sure to see our Transitioning Packs which contain one bottle of each for the best physiological & anatomical results.

As the leaders in all-natural, organic gender spectrum manipulation, Transformations Labs is here to help you find your way. We can help with a smooth, gradual, comfortable transition. Transformations Labs products -  Come see what everyone has been talking about!

With our unique, proprietary formula of all organic and natural Black Coshosh, Dong Quai & Saw Palmetto, it is now possible for your body to block, metabolize and rid your body of the characteristics you no longer want, safely and comfortably. Be New, Be Bold, Be Alive - Transformations Labs.
All orders are discreetly packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Your privacy is our number one concern.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Works grate
Posted Dec 19th 2023 by Matthew

Works exactly as described thank you will buy again

Testosterone Blocker
Posted Nov 11th 2022 by Jay

This is my second order and though that should tell you all you need to know I have ordered it again because it is that good. Does what it says on the tin, as they say.

Testosterone blocker
Posted Aug 21st 2022 by Fath herbison

I am very happy with the this product!

Still a horny, sexy gal!
Posted Feb 14th 2022 by Tonya

I was worried that I might lose my sex drive and my sex ability. 3-4 months on tblocker and I am hornier than ever! I feel more feminine in the world (and in bed). This stuff changed my world. I love it with estorgern boost - excellent pills!!! Thank you, crissy for always being their to answer my questions. Love & Light! XOXO

As described 5 stars.
Posted Feb 12th 2022 by Ginny

As described.

FINALLY! A company that I can trust & a product that really works!
Posted Jan 23rd 2021 by Dave B

FINALLY! A company that I can trust & a product that really works!

Posted Jan 23rd 2021 by Luvlivelife

Love. No limits.

It’s only been a couple weeks
Posted Oct 21st 2020 by Brandon

This product is amazing it’s only been a couple weeks and I’m already noticed changes

Testing confirmation. AMAZING!
Posted Oct 2nd 2020 by Han

I have to admit, I had low hopes when I started using Transformations Labs products but absolutely NEEDED 100% anonymity in my transition. I am 41 years old and my testosterone 6 months ago was 642, yesterday my tests report 273! An AMZAING decrease! I have decided to begin using the 4 kit as of today. I will post results as they come.

WOW !!!!
Posted Aug 18th 2018 by Kendra

This is what makes it all work. After three months I love what it has done.

Can I give more than 5 stars?
Posted May 18th 2018 by Becca

More people are noticing differences at work. I'm getting people confidently calling me ma'am. There hasn't been enough of a change for some of my guy friends to notice. But strangers at work are confidently calling me ma'am. And it's really, really nice. Also, I've been more in touch with my emotions. I cry more easily than I used to and I love it.

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Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer
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