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Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker Pack

Estrogen Booster with Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer
This purchase is for two bottles total - One bottle of Transformations Labs Estrogen Booster & One bottle of Transformations Labs Testosterone Blocker & Metabolizer! Each specifically designed to work seamlessly & complement each other perfectly together.
~ Our Estrogen booster features a five star bio-delivery system containing the most powerful and effective, organic bio-nutrients available to work with your body to help boost estrogen levels smoothly and naturally. Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics and femininity - a desired "curvy" body style , growth of breasts and hips (in both men and women) & higher vocal ranges - to name just a few.
~ Our Testosterone Blocker & Metbolizer is effective to work with your body to help block and rid your body of testosterone levels smoothly and naturally. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for typical male characteristics such as - a muscular build, body hair & deeper voice pattern, just to name a few. With Transformations Labs it is now possible to suppress the hormone responsible for these and the many other undesirable effects of testosterone.
As the leaders in all natural, organic hormone manipulation, Transformations Labs is here to help you find your way. We can help with a smooth, gradual, comfortable transformation. Estrogen Booster from - Transformations Labs!  Come see what everyone has been talking about!
With our unique, proprietary formulations of Testosterone Blockers & Estrogen Boosters it is now possible for your body to produce estrogen at higher continuous levels & block and metabolize testosterone naturally, safely and comfortably. Be New, Be Bold, Be Alive - Transformations Labs.
All orders are discreetly packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Your privacy is our number one concern.
I only gave this 4 stars because it works so much better with Dangerous Curves included.
Posted Jan 3rd 2018 by Digy

Absolutely spectacluar! I began usin this stuff but moved to using all 3 - Dngerous curves, Estragen boost & tesastarone block from yur website. it workd good but when I startd usin all 3 togethr they workd beetter. Way better.

Deserving of 5 stars but 5 stars goes to your triple pack!
Posted Dec 30th 2017 by Lyn

I have used your twin pack for months and I finally made the leap to your triple pack (E-booster, T-blocker & Dangerous Curves)! Best move I have made all year! Absolutely SO worth the extra few dollars! Makes a huge difference both in my mental well being and in my physical appearance! I am astounded! I should have been using all 3 since the beginning!!! Lifelong customer! PS. Thank you Chris for all your help and kindness of these past few months. You are my hero!!! XOXO

It works!
Posted Nov 19th 2017 by Ray

Yep, it works! I gave you 4 stars because it took a few weeks before I started feeling anything.

First time trying these.
Posted Nov 18th 2017 by undefined

I know it's going to take time, and I can't wait for the changes to happen. This is my first step into my journey of womanhood.

its good
Posted Oct 20th 2017 by Sophia Frosztt

It takes time but it works.

Totally works!
Posted Oct 6th 2017 by Kenneth

This stuff totally works! I gave you a 4 star rating because I dont like taking pills.

This stuff works way better than expected!
Posted Sep 25th 2017 by Tee

Waaaaay better than I thought! Use with Dangerous Curves - that stuff makes it the estrogen booster and Testerone blocker so much better when all 3 are used together!!! Love this stuff better tahn any other company I have ever found!!!

Transformations Labs = My Guardian Angels!!!
Posted Jul 25th 2017 by Corrinne Lorrinne

When considering your next step to becoming an MTF (or male to female) transgendered individual, it was important for me to ask myself which path I should take... Many people take the path of doctor prescribed hormone injections which also comes with very dramatic results. This path also means frequent doctor check ups, blood work, costly pharmaceuticals, expensive labs and time consuming trips to medical professionals and very often it creates some confusion with medical insurance (if your medical insurance even covers it and most do not (mine didn't)). It also includes huge hormone swings, dramatic mood changes, uncomfortable side effects, a VERY quick physical change & drugs that are known to be very hard and extremely harsh on the human physiology. Personally I have been drawn to using a more natural approach and a more gradual shift from my male to female form. I was also searching a healthy alternative that works with my physiology to bring out more of my feminine hormones and suppress the naturally occurring male hormones in a more natural manner rather than using doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy. I know that my natural female hormones are there and are strong within in my body, I just needed some help setting them free. Which is when I stumbled upon Transformations Labs! This revolutionary company has changed my life! Transformations Labs offers an easy to use kit which consists of a Testosterone Blocker and an Estrogen Booster, I appreciate that this company uses 100% organic ingredients (this is very important to me) and that they do regular baseline testing so each batch is just as effective and strong as the last. When I began using their products I was a bit skeptical but within a few short days that all changed. I could feel myself becoming more calm within my body, I felt less anxious with who I was and I felt a mental calmness and clarity come over my entire being. As the weeks went on, I felt more like I was meant to feel, I began to feel physically like a woman as the hormone suppressors & boosters began to work! After a month or two the physical changes became more and more pronounced as my voice changed and became a bit higher with more delicate tones, I could actually see my breasts beginning to develop and my hips becoming more curvy & inviting. I am more within my clothes and like the way they fit much better. My sex drive is still intact, however I feel more drawn to a submissive and feminine role than ever before. I have been using these wonderful capsules for 8-9 months and the difference is extraordinary and still getting better daily! I feel better and more like myself every moment! The shift from male to female is so gradual and comfortable that I feel a calmness where before i felt tense, nervous and anxiety ridden almost every day! The folks at Transformations Labs are always there to help and offer support whenever I need assistance or advice. They ship my orders within 24 hours and provide a tracking number (so I always know exactly when I can expect my next bottles). The cost is very conducive to the wonderful life I now lead and they offer 3 packs at a lower price so I can save a few dollars for more clothes shopping!!! My packages arrive 100% anonymous and 100% private, which is important to me. My new life has become so much more exciting and so much more fun and I owe a debt of gratitude to my new "Guardian Angels" at Transformations Labs.

Instant Transformation
Posted Jul 23rd 2017 by Alexandros Martinez

I bought the Estrogen Booster+Testosterone Blocker pack on Wednesday, and started since then. I have to say that this produce is becoming effective on me. Four days into the medicine, my breasts are starting to feel tender. Thanks for making my life more simple. You're the best, Transformations Labs.

great product, and exceptional service.
Posted May 25th 2017 by Tabitha L. Coonsley

I am transitioning from male to female, I started using this product 4 months ago and at first I was a little skeptical, but the changes my body is going thru proves it is working, for the first 6 weeks I didn't really notice anything and was getting a little worried that I might have waisted my money, but one morning about 7 weeks into my experience I woke up and noticed that my breast nipples were sore and since then I've noticed my skin is much softer and getting softer everyday, my face is thinning and my hair is growing fast... I also would like to note that I accidentally put the wrong name on one of my orders so my order was sent back, the team at TransformationsLabs.com did an exceptional job in getting my order to me as quickly as possible. Kudos to them...

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Testosterone Blocker & Estrogen Booster Twin Pack
Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker Twin Pack
Transgender Feminizer, Estrogen Booster & Testosterone Blocker