Anti- Aphrodesiac




Due to the overwhelming requests of both men & women of both sexes who are using our cutting edge hormone manipulation formulas, we here at Transformations Labs are proud to present our formula "Anti-Aphrodisiac", the most potent, all natural capsule, designed to help decrease sexual cravings, quell your libido & help manage your sexual appetite. Our proprietary blend of Humulus Lupulus, Chaste Tree Berry Powder, Serenao Repens, Actaea Racemosa & Angelica Sinensis will help quiet your sensual urges.

Our anti-aphrodisiac capsules will help make your appetite more  manageable while still keeping your drive. Our proprietary formula will help take the discomfort away when your sexual appetite has become too overwhelming and help to balance your urges to more manageable and comfortable levels. It is time to finally take control of your love life once again!


Our commitment to serve our community has brought us to the latest innovation and advancement in Transgender Support Supplements. Our award winning designs have been created and developed by Transformations Labs - the leader in all-natural hormone manipulation. Our product has been designed with your fast-paced lifestyle in mind!  The results you have been seeking as a transgendered individual have never been easier to attain - better, stronger & faster! 
 All products are shipped within 24 hours of payment to ensure a quick delivery. Make today THE DAY that you finally take the steps toward the life you want! With Transformations Labs, highest quality & performance is 100% assured.
Here at Transformation Labs we believe in purity, organic ingredients and the most effective supplements on the market to help YOU find your way. We are the number one alternative to expensive & invasive "hormone replacement therapy". We are the leaders in all-natural hormone manipulation so before you begin any type of invasive & expensive BHRT or HRT, come see us at Transformations Labs and let us help you with a more comfortable, natural, more affordable alternative to either! And, if you have already found yourself caught up in the easy allure of harsh, expensive, doctor prescribed synthetics – come see us for a more comfortable, gradual, natural transition.
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Anti- Aphrodesiac
Anti- Aphrodesiac